About Us

Yangyue Antenna Communication Co., Ltd.

Focus on antenna R&D and manufacturing

Deep into industry flexible production solutions with antenna technology


Yangyue Antenna-the world-renowned brand of antenna equipment manufacturers.

15 years continuously developing of experience in the antenna  industry.

Sophisticated customization capability for your specific application industry.

Who We Are

Yangyue Antenna Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is an antenna technology application solution provider dedicated to providing antenna processing solutions for users worldwide.
After more than ten years of continuous development and innovation, Yangyue has become China's leading and world-renowned antenna communications manufacturer. In the field of 5G antenna equipment manufacturing, Yangyue has established its leading technology and brand advantages. Especially in the field of satellite, Internet of Things and automotive antenna applications, Yangyue Antenna has become a leading brand in China.


Focus on providing satellite, Internet of Things and 5G antenna application solutions.

-Years of strength to create high-quality goods to achieve innovative development.

What We Do

Yangyue Antenna Company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of glue stick antennas, built-in antennas and 5G antennas. With extensive experience and skills in the professional field of wireless communication connectors and antennas, we can provide technology and first-class services for customized antennas for professional special requirements.

Applications include the automotive industry, smart home, mobile phones, computers, TV towers, base stations, satellites, IoT antennas and other industries. Many products and technologies have obtained national patents and software copyrights, and have been approved by CE and FDA.

Why Yangyue Antenna

Send us your needs, we will provide you with professional technology and first-class service.

With advanced antenna test equipment and production equipment, multiple imported vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, fully shielded microwave anechoic chambers, automatic antenna far-field test systems and other antenna research and development equipment can provide customers with one-stop solution design, product development, Production assembly testing, and OEM\ODM\EMS services. Product coverage (GSM, MB, Lora, Bluetooth, GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and other wireless communication fields.

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