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Ap antenna
It is composed of AP sleeve rubber plus a small copper tube antenna material inside and SMA terminals. Its gain is generally 2-12dBi, and the most common gain value is 2-6dBi. The frequency bands of glue stick antennas are 433MHz, 470-510MHz, 868-915MHz, 824-2170MHz of 3G/GSM/GPRS/CDMA, 2400-2500MHz of 2.4G/Bluetooth/WIFI, 700-2700MHz of 4G/LTE, 5.8G 4900-5900MHz. Dual-frequency generally has 2.4G/5.8G, and the dual-frequency with outgoing line is dual-line. The interface terminals of the glue stick antenna generally include SMA male male pin, male female pin, female thread female pin, male female hole, female screw female pin, and IPEX interface. The glue stick antenna interface has SMA straight and elbow. The styles of glue stick antennas include flat-panel router radar, straight-headed chili, baseball rod-shaped, flat oar feathers, diamond-shaped head, sucker disk car-mounted, and there are many styles anyway.It is the most common external antenna with moderate gain and relatively low price. It is commonly used in wireless communication modules, wireless routers, and digital radios. The antenna of the appropriate size can be selected according to the installation space requirements. The size of the antenna is related to the gain. Generally, the longer the length of the same frequency band, the higher the gain


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