Fiberglass antenna
SMC, or sheet molding compound, is made of unsaturated polyester resin, glass fiber roving, and other matching materials through a special equipment SMC molding unit to make a sheet, and then thicken, cut, and put in the metal to the mold. It is made by high temperature and high pressure curing. SMC and its molded products are emerging glass fiber reinforced plastics, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastics. Its processing methods can be divided into: hand lay-up molding, injection molding, pultrusion molding, winding molding, resin transfer molding, compression molding, etc. . SMC and its molded products have the following characteristics: light weight, high strength, precise size, good batch quality consistency, and the product can reach zero shrinkage. It has a high degree of mechanization and automation with A-level surface level, and is suitable for products with high surface quality requirements, large output, and uniform thickness.Finally, FRP antennas are generally suitable for outdoor use. In order to show its value.


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