Magnetic antenna
The magnetic antenna is to wind two sets of unconnected coils on a magnetic rod, and the function is to receive electromagnetic waves in the space. The magnetic antenna has good directivity, which makes the sound the loudest when the radio rotates in a certain direction and reduces the noise. The characteristic is that the loaded magnetic material has a certain permeability and permittivity. According to the frequency of the antenna, it is divided into VHF, UHF and other frequency bands. Restricted by Snooker's theorem, magnetic materials are rarely used to make antennas above traditional UHF. Since the emergence of magnetic dielectrics, magnetic antennas in the UHF to 3G frequency range began to appear. At VHF or lower frequency bands, traditional ferrite-loaded antennas have been used for more than 100 years. The VHF loaded dual-parameter antenna with both magnetic and dielectric properties is also the result of the latest material technology development.


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